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About Workshops

Sometimes things happen …

  • Sometimes clay breaks, it just does—pieces fall off

  • Sometimes things move in the kiln and there may be a mark on your piece

  • Sometimes glaze doesn’t behave as expected

  • Sometimes art takes more time than you may think, we time things as well as we can

  • Sometimes instructors get ill, and we need to run with less staff than planned

  • Sometimes it takes a while to find the information from a gift card from many years ago

  • A child will cry, be loud or not listen. They do that. They are all good. Parents are trying their best

  • You will need to follow the templates and sizing, too big means more kiln or storage space, too small means likely to get lost

  • If you don’t write your first and last name and the date clearly on your piece, expect for it to get lost or mistakenly picked up by another with the same name

  • Adults - The workshops are for fun and social time. It is not a replacement for art school.

  • Sometimes we have to throw out art if it is not picked up within 2 weeks

  • Sometimes it may take a minute or two to find your art piece

  • Sometimes there are mixups

  • Sometimes your name may get covered in the firing process

  • We will fire things in the kiln as quickly as we possibly can. We need a full load to run the kiln and sometimes things need to dry extra time before they can be placed in the kiln or they will explode

  • Sometimes clay explodes

  • We are not Walmart with unlimited resources, art supply costs are really high, rent is high, shipping is high, overhead is high, we may be able to offer a credit in some cases like clay breakage, but if you miss your workshop or call 10 mins before to cancel, the space was still set aside for you and we cannot offer a refund or credit.

  • You will need to make just the maximum number of pieces when we specify

  • If you overwork the clay or add too much water it will cave in or crack. Follow the time guidelines and instructions as best you can.

  • If you have never done art before, you will need to practice and accept it won’t be perfect on your first try. Come back many times, practice and enjoy the process.

  • If you are late, yes, it will feel like there was not enough time.

  • We cannot answer the phone and it is not financially feasible to have an admin person. We have the phone for emergencies. Please use the chat on our website. We check this as often as possible. Please don’t send a chat and an email. We promise we will get back to you.

  • Please don’t call/chat/email to see if your art is ready for pick up—it is all in the art status page on the website—we promise! We really need to be present for the guests in the studio.

  • You will absolutely need to wear a mask when not at your station or when purchasing kits or supplies in the studio. Let’s all stay healthy.